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Green IT Solutions

So what is Green IT ?

The aim of green IT is to reduce computer energy consumption, printing documents and a businesses carbon footprint. The term “Green IT” can be considered a bit of a contradiction as computers and computing devices will always consume energy and other resources so Green IT is a process which helps to reduce this energy consumption.

The Facts

  • There are over 10 million business PCs in the UK
  • Business PCs account for over 10% of energy consumption in the UK
  • Over 30% of energy consumed by PCs is wasted
  • Only 6% of users enable power management systems on their PCs

Source: IBM

How can green IT solutions help your business?

As we all know, the cost of energy is increasing. Network Shared Solutions can provide solutions that will help to reduce your businesses computer related energy costs. Every solution is tailored for each business.

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