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Standard Services

System and Network Design

As we work closely with our customers to gain a thorough understanding of the business organisation, people and processes. A top-down approach to system design allows us to closely match the business requirements to the final computer system. We do not resell hardware or software so our recommendations are independent and will always be the best solution for your business network.

Systems and Network Installation

We have experience with creating and installing systems from small to large scale computer and communication.

We have experience in large and small-scale computer and communications system installation and project management. If your business requires low or zero-downtime installations we can help from initial planning through to cut-over and documentation.

Email Solutions

We can work with you to find a complete email solution for your office. We can offer complete in house email configurations or setup and maintain a remote configuration for you, whatever suits your business needs.

IT Support

We design systems in such a way that greatly reduce the amount of administration as compared to most business systems. 'Zero-maintenance' systems are not practical for most businesses, but using a 'very-low maintenance' design is definitely cost-effective.

After reviewing your IT support requirements, if our services are suitable we can provide a proposal for maintaining your network and/or communications systems. We provide several levels of system support. Our services are on either a time-and-materials basis or blocks-of-hours agreement so you can choose which best suits your requirements.

Wireless Networks

We have experience in installing, maintaining and securing wireless networks.

Other Services

For information on our Network Security and Green IT services, visit our network security and green IT pages.
Your Privacy

Our team respect the privacy and integrity of your internal systems, and will work under an NDA about any information we happen to come across while working within your organisation. We will also provide unbiased and professional advice if we notice and feel you could change something without our assistance.
Fast Contact

For any information on our services, contact us by:

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