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Network Shared Solutions provides a wide range of security solutions for computer systems. These include the following:
  • Penetration testing - The aim of this test is to attempt penetrate a company's network (with the company's permission) to find vulnerabilities in the network's security.
  • Anti-virus and Spyware - We can provide individual system or network scans using the latest antivirus and spyware detection software.
  • Security Testing - This tests all aspects of computing including computer related staff procedures and network security.
  • Vulnerability tests & assessments - These tests and assessments have been design to check for vulnerabilities that could be present at the time or in the future
  • Computer Use Documents - These documents are tailor made of staff, therefore meet the individual computer security needs of each business
All these service include full assessments and detailed reports on our findings and recommendations.

Network & Security Software

Network Shared Solutions does not provide network & security software. However we do give advice on what security packages are appropriate for each business. Our experience has taught us that there is no "one" security package that suits all businesses.
Fast Contact

For any information on our services, contact us by:

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